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Stoned Kitty™ began with a simple idea: make the world better by making cats happy!  We decided the best way to do this was to create and offer a range of super-premium catnip blends.  All of our catnip flavors are potent, fresh, American grown and cultivated using environmentally friendly organic techniques!  Stoned Kitty™ Catnips are sure to give your cat a deeply satisfying herbal experience.​   Each Stoned Kitty™ Catnip bag is Kosher Certified, USDA Organic approved, and hand-packed so there are no straw fillers.



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    Catnip is a member of the mint family. Native to Eurasia, its formal Latin name is Nepeta cataria. It is a perennial herb that flourishes both in the wild and in cultivation. Growing to an average of two feet high, catnip plants feature white or light purple flowers when in bloom. Catnip contains a specific chemical called nepetalactone that causes a response in most cats! This is what makes them experience the highs and enjoyments of experiencing Stoned Kitty™ Catnip!
  • HOW WILL Stoned Kitty™ Catnip AFFECT MY CAT?
    If your cat is like most cats (80%, by reliable estimates), he/she will have some level of reaction to catnip. The form and intensity of the reaction will vary from cat to cat, and could be characterized by behavior ranging from zany hyperactivity to extreme lethargy. The cat will often enter a period of increased playfulness. The “high” lasts about 15-30 minutes (on average) and is followed by a return to normal behavior. Please note that some cats will react differently to cats (just as humans will react differently to Marijuana!). Also, some cats will not enjoy the effects of any catnip or will not be affected by it at all. Some cats will also become aggressive on catnip so be sure to monitor your cat for the first time they ingest or roll around in the catnip.
  • IS Stoned Kitty™ Catnip SAFE FOR MY CAT?
    Absolutely. Cats who live in the wild eat fresh catnip 2-3 times a week on average. There are no known negative side effects to catnip use, and it is not an addictive substance. The only cats that should not ingest catnip are those with heart conditions, those less than eight weeks old, and those that are pregnant or nursing.
  • HOW DO I PRESENT Stoned Kitty™ Catnip TO MY CAT?
    Different cats choose to experience catnip in different ways. Some are eaters, some are sniffers, and some are rollers. For cats that like to eat catnip, a good practice is to just put a little pile of it on the floor or on a plate and let them have at it. Other cats may simply sniff at the catnip, which also works as a method of consumption. Perhaps the most entertaining form of catnip ingestion, and among the most common, is rolling – the cat rolls around in the pile of catnip. Here's more information: 1. Place the loose catnip in a pile (SPOONFUL OR MORE/LESS) on the floor, carpet, or a specific towel for your cat. Your cat will roll in it, eat it, or just sniff and play with it! Stoned Kitty™ Catnip also suggests you always use the same item (towel) and wash it after an hour of use. Loose catnip will track very easily across the room if left consistently out for your cat. 2. Place the loose catnip in a bag or catnip plushy toy for them to rip at and play with. You can also put the catnip in a sock and tie the open end of the sock together so that it creates a ball of catnip at the closed-toe end of the sock. Cats love to use longer, athletic socks with catnip at the bottom as “kicker” toys! A kicker toy is a toy that allows cats to grasp with their front paws and kick at with their back toys. 3. Place the catnip in your cat’s food dish or mix a small pile with wet food to encourage eating and improve digestion in picky cats. REMEMBER THAT CATNIP IS AN HERB AND ALTHOUGH STUDIES STATE THAT CAT’S CAN NOT “OVERDOSE” ON TOO MUCH CATNIP IT IS IMPORTANT TO MONITOR YOUR CAT WHILE THEY ARE ON CATNIP FOR ANY SIGNS OF IRRITANTS OR REACTIONS TO THE HERB. EVERY CAT EXPERIENCES CATNIP DIFFERENTLY. NEVER LEAVE THE PLASTIC BAGS OF CATNIP UNATTENDED
  • HOW MUCH Stoned Kitty™ Catnip SHOULD I GIVE MY CAT?
    You can give them as much as you like, but a general rule of thumb is one Tablespoon as a single serving. Any more than that will likely go to waste, and any less might not achieve the satisfying high your cat craves. You should also wait at least a couple hours between servings if you want to give your cat multiple catnip sessions. Stoned Kitty™ Catnip also suggests that you create a specific place to always administer the catnip to your cat that is easier for Furparents to clean (ie: accessible floor area that is easy to vacuum/reach with a vacuum). Catnip can get messy, especially if your cat(s) enjoy rolling in the catnip!
    Stoned Kitty™ Catnip has MANY benefits for your cats emotional and mental health! 1. Relieves anxiety + stress 2. Detoxifies the body 3. Calms your cat (although some cats may become more active!) 4. Improves sleep habits and diminishes restless-sleep affects 5. Helps aid in digestion 6. Calms stomach aches and aids in anti-inflammation of the bowel lining 7. Reduces over-all inflammation throughout the body 8. Increases dopamine levels and diminishes high cortisol levels (the hormone that causes stress in cats and humans!) SENIOR CATS (7+) and CATS WITH DIGESTIVE ISSUES: scientific studies have shown that senior cats and cats with digestive issues can benefit from being given catnip to aid in digestion. Stoned Kitty™ Catnip's Peppermint Mix also contains the added anti-inflammatory benefit of peppermint as well and stimulates your cat’s oral receptors to encourage eating, chewing and licking of foods. When encouraging your older/sick cat to eat, we recommend putting in a teaspoon of peppermint catnip mix into your cat’s soft food. KITTENS: Kittens under age of 3 months do not necessarily react to catnip although it is safe and harmless to administer to them (according to the humane society of the united states), however at Stoned Kitty™ Catnip WE SUGGEST NOT GIVING ANY CAT THAT IS NURSING, PREGNANT, OR MAY BE PREGNANT ANY CATNIP AS WELL AS CATS UNDER THE AGE OF 8 WEEKS. ​
    We love when people get new kittens! Stoned Kitty™ Catnip often donates to cat charities in the Detroit area and after answering so many emails with basic kitten care help, we came up with a First Time FurParent Information Sheet on basic kitten care so feel free to download it for some kitten care information! It is a daily "to-do" list for your cat to offer you some first time tips on raising a healthy and happy cat! ​
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